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The Portal’s extraordinary JOURNEYS collection is the lovechild of seasoned luxury safari operator, Christine; marrying her passions for wandering the world and organizing life to the finest detail. With more than 25 years of experience and, more importantly, established relationships both on the ground and in the field, Christine is passionate about the heart of travel.

After pausing for a child-rearing hiatus, Christine was launched organically back into her role of stewarding customized African travel. Now back in full swing, her reach has extended into the deepest corners of Australia and France. In addition to safaris, she organizes and facilitates destination workshops with internationally celebrated artists and photographers at breathtaking locations far and wide. She can even provide you with a travel assistant to accompany you on your journey from departure to arrival home if desired.

The Portal's Founder & CEO, Christine
Mann Clan, Kenya 2007

How it all started

In my mid 20’s I found myself in East Africa alongside the amazing Phil Osborne – travel guru, conservationist and philanthropist. Phil mentored me on many levels while sharing the world of Africa – his lifelong mistress. With Phil’s vision, we co-founded a new safari model – custom designed, intimate, and off the chart safaris to private homes and tented camps in the bush.

This was eco tourism on steroids (before we even knew to call it that.) We hit a travel nerve and the company grew, from East Africa to Southern Africa, then to the Outback Stations of Australia, and Estancias of Argentina.

After many years of extraordinary adventures, marriage and babies entered my world. With this new focus of energies, we elected to sell the travel group. Now with our two beautiful children grown and in the big world, I realized how much I missed this part of my soul. I welcome you to The Portal, my new boutique travel company where we create extraordinary journeys.

Our goal is to deliver expansive and intentional experiences, custom crafted to exceed expectations (with some surprises), while honoring your investment of time and travel dollars. Our offerings also include unique “work shop” or “explore & expand” trips with some very talented folks!

The Portal is open. Let the journeys begin!


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