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Karibu (welcome in Swahili) to this extraordinary way to visit Kenya and learn what she has to share. Your custom-designed safari offers the best of low-impact eco-tourism, with accommodations ranging from luxury tents to bungalows to private homes. Imagine lively conversation and the freshest of locally-grown meals shared with your host and other travelers from around the globe, all of whom have come together to share the same experience.

View wildlife by open-top vehicle, or on foot, horseback, or even camel. Ever ridden a horse next to giraffe, zebra and even elephant! Wake up at dawn to an early-morning safari or bush breakfast, and commune with the animals with sundowners at dust and also under the stars at night. For many, these moments in the bush are powerful beyond words—an intimate, even primal, experience. People come to us because they want to see the wildlife Kenya has to offer. They return home renewed, with horizons expanded and wildest expectations exceeded.

Let us show you the magic of this uncommon and special Kenya safari experience, carefully crafted to your dates and group size, and to honor your specific requests. The Portal is open, let your journey begin!

Why Safari with The Portal?

Our experience custom-designing safaris dates back to the early 1990’s in Kenya, when we played a founding role in developing and nurturing this new and exciting approach to the safari experience. At that time we worked with private landowners as they began opening up their land, hosting small parties of visitors in their welcoming homes or in luxury tented camps on their property, and arranging safaris with their own trusted guides.

With each unique destination oozing rich family history and offering the chance to experience Kenya more intimately, an entirely new, more meaningful safari model was created. Today many unique private homes and tented camps are hosted by owners, managers, and tribe members. Some are nestled up to national parks and reserves, some on private land or leased from local tribes, and others in one of the many extraordinary wildlife conservancies located throughout the bush.  Some are even at the forefront of Kenya’s most successful wildlife conservation efforts.

While deepening the relationship of visitors with Kenya, this unique way of travel has empowered local families and tribes by creating jobs and local businesses, and often even by supporting local schools and clinics. This in turn has invested native Kenyans in the critically important conservation efforts that protect and nurture the country’s wildlife.  For the eco-traveler, visiting these special bush destinations is both a privilege and an opportunity to observe amazing conservation practices in action and in congress with all the game viewing one could dream of seeing.

Given our personalized approach, we like to start with an in-depth call to discuss your desires and particulars from group size, time frame, etc to activities and personalities while sharing the nuances and details to traveling in Kenya and this unique safari experience. Shoot us your contact information and we will reach out. We look forward to talking with you and crafting a customized trip to this beautiful land.


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