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Why Travel Insurance?

Over the years, I have watched comprehensive travel insurance save the day, for many. As you know, there is a lot of work to plan and reserve the special accommodations and activities for this unique and customized trip experience. My relationship with the folks scheduled to host you is a binding agreement and I have crafted The Portal’s cancellation and refund policies reflective of those agreements in case you have to cancel. And while no one intends on cancelling planned trips, comprehensive travel insurance helps protect you and your travel investment.

Included in most travel insurance policies is medical coverage, as most health insurance policies do not cover you abroad. Not only is it important for you, it is important to The Portal that should a medical emergency arise, we can get you the medical treatment you need immediately.

While you can purchase any travel insurance policy, my deep roots in the travel industry has led me to Arch RoamRight, that I highly recommend. They offer a special policy called the Pro Plus to cover The Portal’s clients for air and land arrangements that include cancellation insurance and medical coverage with emergency evacuation. This plan has extensive coverage and several options available.

We also have our own travel insurance concierge with Arch RoamRight, Neil Halford. He will assist you with any questions about the insurance policy, coverage and process your enrollment (easy peasy).

This policy gives you a pre-ex waiver if purchased within 21 days from initial trip deposit as long as you are fit, stable and able to travel at the time of purchasing your travel plans.

Neil Halford: 443-391-2831 |

I highly recommend calling him, but feel free to enroll directly online: Arch RoamRight (Save this link and feel free to use it for any other travel plans outside of The Portal trips.)

Christine Mann
Founder of The Portal

Arch RoamRight Overview

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance helps protect the financial costs you have paid into your trip as well as provides medical coverage for when you are traveling.

Traveling without insurance can be a bit of a gamble. If someone in your family gets sick or bad weather closes the airport for the day, you could lose any non-refundable deposits you’ve made for your trip. If you experience a medical emergency, you may need to be transferred to a better hospital. These situations happen more often than you’d think – and are costly when they do!

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

While specific policies may vary, travel insurance generally covers:

  • Money lost due to trip cancellations, interruptions, or delays that are caused by a covered reason
  • Emergency medical care and evacuations in the event of unexpected illness or injury

Most plans also include a non-insurance component, often referred to as “Travel Assistance.” This is a 24/7 support team to call for help, to locate medical care, arrange transportation and more.

Anytime you buy insurance, you should understand its coverages and limitations before you buy. You can view details for each of Arch RoamRight’s policies, or contact our travel insurance experts who can answer any questions you may have.

Arch RoamRight also gives you up to 14 days to review your plan after you buy. Read about our money-back guarantee for more information.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Quoting and purchasing a travel insurance plan is easy, and at Arch RoamRight we have tried to make the claims process simple and clear.

Follow these steps to quote and purchase insurance, as well as file a claim under your Arch RoamRight travel insurance plan:

  1. Place your first non-refundable trip deposit with your travel provider (airline, hotel, travel agent, etc.)
  2. Obtain a travel insurance quote online and purchase within 21 days after your initial deposit so that you can take advantage of important, time-sensitive pre-trip benefits. Make sure you read your policy details before you purchase to understand your coverage, benefit limits, and time triggers.
  3. If you place additional deposits on your trip after you purchase your travel insurance, you can give us a call to increase your insured trip cost.
  4. If you must cancel your trip for a covered reason prior to your trip (or if you purchased Cancel for Any Reason and need to cancel), or if you have a claimable event while on your trip, you can file a claim online by visiting our online claims site.

When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

For the greatest protection, you should buy travel insurance as soon after you book your trip as possible. Most travel insurance providers, including Arch RoamRight, offer extra benefits if purchased within a certain time frame. For example, if you buy your Arch RoamRight travel insurance within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit, you’ll qualify to have the pre-existing medical conditions exclusion waived, as well as the possible opportunity to upgrade to Cancel For Any Reason coverage.


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